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Do you own a property that has
received an Executive Officer’s Order?

marijuana grow op

Marijuana Grow Ops (MGOs) present a number of hazards that constitute dangers to your safety, but Western Site Technologies can guide you through the steps to remediate your property.

What damage can a marijuana grow op
do to your home?

There are many hazards and dangers to public safety when a marijuana grow op is established. When First Responders shut down a marijuana grow op, the first dangers present are electrocution and booby trap hazards.

The foundation of your home may be cut to gain access to the main power source, bypassing the meters used by the utility company. Secondary distribution panels and transformers are then established, for use with the high intensity grow lamps placed throughout the home. This all results in a much greater fire hazard, and marijuana grow op houses are 24 times more likely to catch fire than a typical home. The chemicals present also pose a risk of explosion.

At a marijuana grow op, complex watering systems are placed inside the home, with tanks containing chemical fertilizers and pesticides. These can result in poisonous gases being circulated in the home and vented out to the neighbourhood. These dangerous chemicals are also improperly disposed of using household drains, which end up in the city's water system.

Roof trusses and floor joists may also be altered to vent the moisture and odour up into the attic space, which causes further issues. Other hazards include air handling systems with filters and scrubbers, and systems used to generate higher levels of carbon dioxide.

All of the moisture generated from a marijuana grow op inside the home can create a devastating mold problem, which leads to a complex remediation process.

marijuana grow operation

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Marijuana grow operations are a hazard and are detrimental to the surrounding area. They can contribute to a decline of the market value of neighbouring properties. The Province of Alberta requires that all properties identified as a marijuana grow operation be remediated properly or removed.

Choose a reputable company to solve your problem

Alberta Health Services (AHS) has a detailed list of requirements to remove the Executive Officer’s Order on your property, and requires an AHS certified consultant to assess your home.

Western Site Technologies is an approved AHS consultant, and we can determine the requirements and testing for your home. We will work closely with you to assist with the complex process of returning your property to normal, after the devastation a marijuana grow op has caused.

When rental property and business property owners are affected by a marijuana grow op, they look to Western Site Technologies for assistance.

For assistance with marijuana grow op resolution, and guidance through the remediation process, contact us now.